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This story didn’t seem to be about 9/11 to me. It used 9/11 as a medium through which to make a point about the structure of reality –┬áspecifically time. The story doesn’t investigate the repercussions of the nonexistence of a relationship, but rather the existence of an infinity in every instant of time; like a point, an instant has immeasurable dimensions, so there is no way to know what it contains. The phrase “floating ahead in time where there is no possibility of time” brings to mind a line segment, which, although of a measurable distance, is composed of infinite points side by side. However, since the points have no breadth, they cannot really be next to each other. Somehow, time passes from one instant to the next to create seconds, minutes, days, and months (such as September) – the units that humans use to measure time. This interpretation fits with the point of view of the scientist or physicist.


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