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War on Terror

Forget God. These are matters of history. This is politics and economic. All the things that shape lives, millions of people, dispossessed, their lives, their consciousness.

This quote highlights one of the first mentions of the war on terror. I think it’s important to note how Don Delillo incorporates the different arguments that speak for or against the attacks. At this point it goes beyond God or Islam, it’s about the politics and its impact on millions of people.

Were the attacks justified? As we discussed in class there are Americans that strongly believe(d) that America deserves what it got on 9/11. For Delillo to allude to the political happenings after 9/11 while so particularly documenting the lives of Keith, Justin and Lianne is an interesting choice. One could basically write an entire book about the political implications of 9/11 for everyday Americans.

As much of a stretch as this may be…I always think of all the men that ‘fell’ after 9/11, whether they be American soldiers or innocent Middle Easterns whenever Delillo alludes to the war on terror.

One Response to “War on Terror”

  1. Jenny Mix says:

    “Don’t be fooled. Don’t think people will die only for God (116).” This isn’t a war about religion, according to Martin.
    I think your closing was great. I never really thought of the title like that, but it actually makes a lot of sense. That makes the novel seem far sadder than I thought it was.