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I have some thoughts with regard to what we discussed earlier in class today about the characters in The Reluctant Fundamentalist being stereotypical, especially the “American”. I believe that authors may use stereotypical characters for at least two reasons.

1) Using a stereotypical character to represent something. Perhaps the person whom Changez is addressing is the U.S military or American culture. This would be personifying actions or ideas into one character. In the context of The Reluctant Fundamentalist it gives Changez someone to express how he feels about the military or culture.

2) My next theory on why authors use stereotypes on characters seems less complex and meaningful, but still has a place in literature. People understand stereotypes. They know people in their lives that fit the stereotypes that are casting certain characters. This makes a character more relatable and easier to understand. If a character was so distant and different from anyone we have ever known, it may take more time to understand who that person is and the novel may revolve around that character and not another theme. Changez is the more complex character; therefore, his character is explored more in-depth compared to the American that Changez is talking to.

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