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…that Changez and Erica both end their tales in much of the same position? Changez falls deeply into a form of love with Erica. Though throughout the novel it becomes clearer and clearer that Erica herself has fallen deeply in love with someone else; someone dead, Chris.

In Erica’s mind Chris is very much so still alive. On page 163 the reader finds out that Erica has, most likely, committed suicide. Though the reader has no insight into the workings of Erica’s mind, we’re led to believe that she does this join Chris. She had become withdrawn and began living in her mind with Chris and her memories for comfort.

It did not matter that the person Erica was in love with was what the nurse or I might call deceased; for Erica he was alive enough, and that was the problem: it was difficult for Erica to be out in the world, living the way the nurse or I might, when in her mind she was experiencing things that were stronger and more meaningful than the things she could experience with the rest of us.

At the end of the novel Changez struggles with Erica’s death in a way not unlike Erica struggled with Chris. Changez waits for Erica and even sometimes expects her presence. He’s actively looking for her and declines to marry someone else for his heart belongs to a dead girl thousands of miles away.

It’s interesting to see how similar the characters end up with the same feelings for different people. It’s a love triangle gone all wrong. Perhaps though, in death, both characters find their peace. Erica gets her happily ever after with Chris, and Changez gets his dream romance with Erica.

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  1. stewart15 says:

    Maybe he hangs onto this idea of Erica as being alive because she is one connection to America that he still truly loves. Plus, it never really says she dies, although it is very strongly implicated. Just a thought (: