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Allegory, symbolism, and hidden meaning can sometimes leave a reader frustrated. We are curious as to why authors seemingly make their books difficult to understand. My oral report attempted to uncover some of the symbolism in the names of characters in The Reluctant Fundamentalist and reveal the possible allegory within the story.

To recount, we looked at the similarities between:

  • Changez and Genghis Khan
  • Erica and America
  • Chris and Christopher Columbus or Christianity
  • Underwood Samson and the United States
  • Mohsin Hamid and Changez

The allegory we proposed ¬†was the underlying story of the decline of America and how immigrants are treated in the U.S and the pressures to conform to America’s will.

Then, to find out why Hamid wrote his book the way he did, we listened to clips from a BBC interview with him. If you would like to listen to the entire interview, here is the link.


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