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 “A lot of the time I’d get that feeling like I was in the middle of a huge black ocean, or in deep space, but not in the fascinating way. It’s just that everything was incredibly far away from me.”
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

It can be extremely hard to figure things out. Sometimes it seems near impossible, and nothing makes sense, and all you can do is desperately search the world and yourself for…something…some sort of sense.  And then if you kind of understand something it can be incredibly difficult to communicate your thoughts. Even if they are extremely loud and incredibly close, because, at the same time, they can seem just out of reach.

Words, noises, scents, images, dataeverywhere
bombarding you
extremely LOUD

Thoughts, images, emotions
to the extremely loud world
extremely loud inside of you

All of this stimuli
incredibly accessible

Your reactions
a jumble
wanting to come out
to be heard, to be understood
emotions, thoughts, ideas,reaching, screaming

where is the turning point?
when do we understand?
because it’s there
extremely loud
and incredibly close.



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