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On the front page of Yahoo! News this morning I was given an array of information. A child was found alive in a morgue, there are 25 iPhone user tips that as an iPhone user I absolutely must know, a dog saved a puppy from drowning, and, in a tiny yellow banner at the top of my page… There was a grenade that was found while going through the X-ray machine at the World Financial Center in New York. The building was evacuated.

It’s obvious that I would tie this to the ending of The Zero where Jaguar blows up a train terminal. Perhaps it’s ironic that I would have read the closing section just a few minutes before the grenade made it’s way to security.

The closing scenes of this book are just as confusing as the rest of the novel, but that’s just this style. It’s loud and quick and I had no idea what was actually going on until Remy saw April. I love a book with a sad ending and The Zero did not disappoint. Because Remy saw the woman he loves it suddenly made sense that fate would take that away from him. So with a bomb and searing pain Remy is left without April and the reader is left upset.

This isn’t the same kind of sad from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and I’m not entirely sure why. But I think the people on their way to work this morning with a loved one might have had the same flash of impending doom that Remy did. Surely what is good must be taken away.

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