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Bruce Springsteen “You’re Missing” with lyrics :

As I stated in class after we listened to Bruce Springsteen’s “You’re Missing,” I was reminded of something from The Submission. Although most of you have not read it yet, the connection I made is pretty simple. Basically one of the main characters in book, Claire Burwell, lost her husband during 9/11. The loss of her husband has left her to raise their children, one boy and one girl, on her own. Although the little girl, Penelope, is too young to really remember her father, the reader gets the impression that William is greatly effected. Anyways, to get to my point, there is a really special scene in the book in which William has a bad dream that his father could not find his way home. Therefore, Claire sets him and Penelope up with this Hansel and Gretel like task to create piles of rocks from ground zero to their house. While listening to “You’re Missing,” I could really picture this scene, especially when lyrics “children are asking if it’s alright, will you be in our arms tonight?”. It was almost movie perfect. Personally, I think if The Submission ever becomes a movie, that song will definitely be in the soundtrack for that scene.

The scene occurs on pages 88-91 (according to my nook), so you should comment and tell me whether you agree or not! (:

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