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Ground Up

Thanks again to Yahoo! news, I’ve come across something that I think relates quite strongly not only to the entire semester we’ve spent in this class, but also quite specifically to The Submission, as well as Verena’s presentation on her visit to New York.

The link I clicked on reads “See new World Trade Center rise in minutes,” and features a two-minute time-lapsed clip of the construction of the new tower (which began six years ago and is anticipated, according to the article, to be finished in 2013 or 2014).  I am reminded quite strongly of plot elements of Waldman’s novel — Kahn’s profession, the rebuilding and commemorating of the site — but am also put in mind of the end of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, when Oskar makes a reverse flip book of the man falling upwards into the tower.


Even discounting direct connections to our class readings and discussions, the clip (linked below) is fascinating to watch.

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