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Oral Reports

Check the schedule to see when oral reports are due. The numbered reports (in BLUE) are on the texts; the GREEN letters indicate oral reports on a topic of your choice. (Example: If you are signed up for #4, your oral report on The Reluctant Fundamentalist will be on Tuesday, February 21, while your other report (K) will be on Thursday, April 12.

2 Falling Man M   Erin Whiteman


3 Falling Man L   Kaitlin Schaal


4 Reluctant Fundamentalist K    Kasey Stewart


5 Reluctant Fundamentalist J     Verena Joerger


6 Reluctant Fundamentalist I   Nina Kappel


7 Aaron and Ahmed H   Marta Saul


8 Aaron and Ahmed G   Amrit Judge


9 Extremely Loud F   Jenny Mix


10 Extremely Loud E   DJ Gallagher


11 The Zero D   Olivia Muchmore


12 The Zero C  Sarah Gray


13 The Submission B   Charlotte Cohen-Ténoudji



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