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9/11 report and Aaron and Ahmed

Both Aaron and Ahmed and the 9/11 Report felt like something completely new and surprising to me. I had never thought of comics as a medium to explore real historical events and even less tragic events such as terrorist attacks. I suppose that the use of a comic book format seeks to reach a broader […]

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Detached? Or Way Too Close?

The 9/11 Report reads very similarly to a novel. This was obviously a very thoroughly  thought-out decision, but what was its importance? I live and breathe books, but unfortunately not ‘intellectual books.’ I live for fictional stories that take me to another world and another time, somewhere so I can forget about my hectic life, at […]

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When I first read the opening paragraph to the 9/11 Report, I thought it sounded like a children’s book. Now, after rereading it a few times, I think it is better classified as a dramatic, documentary opener. I can just hear the narrator from “Law and Order” reading the paragraph while scenes of New York, D.C, […]

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