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As we discussed in class, Changez from The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Khan from The Submission share several characteristics as they explore their identity in the two novels. At the beginning of The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Changez is not much of a conformist. While he wants to fit in at Princeton, he recognizes that his exoticism gives him an advantage,”…the […]

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WTC 9/11 and “Falling Man”

The beginning of Falling Man paints a haunted picture of the event of 9/11 as one of the main characters, Keith, walks through the chaos of it. The debris and rubble are falling around him as people run past. It is a very chaotic scene. While listening to Steve Reich’s “WTC 9/11,” I was reminded […]

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Feelings in Humans and Animals

Do dogs have to fight sadness as tirelessly as humans do? They seem less involved with retrospect, less involved in dread and anticipation. Animals other than humans appear to be having a more profound experience of the present. But who’s to say? Clearly their feelings are intense, and maybe grief and anxiety darken all their days. Maybe that’s […]

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