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Don Dellilo – more prophecy

I found this book on a bookshelf at home over spring break and was surprised at the cover, given that the only publication/copywrite date for this edition I could find was 1997. I think that might be a bird, but it might also be a plane…  

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Don DeLillo has stated that his object as a writer is to pay attention to cultural trends in the United States, New York City specifically, and to represent these trends in his writing. This has led critics to characterize him as paranoid, since many of the trends he has followed are pessimistic. For example, DeLillo […]

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Falling Man, Losing Innocence

Page one of Don Delillo’s novel is titled, “Part One Bill Lawton.” I’ve read White Noise, also by Delillo, so I had some understanding of what the writing style in the novel would be. I assumed (you know what they say when you assume…) the title was in reference to a main character. I stumbled […]

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