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The Passing of Time

“These are the days after. Everything now is measured by after.” –Falling Man, page 138 This short passage comes about halfway through the book and briefly states one of the novel’s main themes, the passage of time. Throughout the entire novel, everything is compared to how it was before. 9/11 changes some aspects of the characters’ lives, […]

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Follow the Arc

Every day is different and every day presents its own challenges and worries. Sometimes these worries follow us from day to day. We find ourselves losing ourselves in these worries. Our minds wander off on tangents of worry. Lianne’s mind is doing this constantly. She jumps from worry to worry–always something to think about. She […]

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Once Upon a Time

It is amazing when things that happen in your life, things you discuss, things you read, or things you learn seem to connect perfectly with each other. After reading Twilight of the Superheroes by Eisenberg, for instance, I was immediately able to relate it to an experience I’d just had–a reading experience. I recently read a […]

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