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The  further I read into Amy Waldman’s The Submission, the more fitting I found the title.  Not only do the multiple definitions of the word “submission” explained by Charlotte in her presentation apply to the novel in different ways, in addition to the meaning of the word “Islam,” as mentioned by Maria, but the book […]

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This might sound like an overly harsh snap judgment, but I feel that The Submission displays an extraordinary lack of what I would describe as intellectual and emotional progress in the lives of its characters.  What’s more, this cannot be accidental on the part of Waldman. In fact, I believe that it is a vital […]

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Thanks again to Yahoo! news, I’ve come across something that I think relates quite strongly not only to the entire semester we’ve spent in this class, but also quite specifically to The Submission, as well as Verena’s presentation on her visit to New York. The link I clicked on reads “See new World Trade Center […]

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